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"Battle of the Boots 2002"
Taking Place In Durban 20 to 22nd SEPTEMBER 2002

This is a link to the Bill Bader website which is packed full of information on all aspects of line dancing and well worth the trip to go and visit. Borderline Dance is organizing a competition in September this year in Durban and Bill Bader will be the guest of honor / ajudicator.


The Mavericks, together with several other clubs from Gauteng, will be travelling to Durban in order to compete in the "Battle of the Boots 2002" in September (CLICK ON THE ICON LINK FOR MORE DETAILS).

Following the competition BILL BADER will then travel to Gauteng where he will be hosted by the Mavericks and will be holding a workshop at the Boskruin Community Centre (Belinda from the Borderline Dance School who is the organiser of the above event has advised us that this will be a different workshop to that which he intends to hold in Durban). The date for this workshop will be advised at a later date when we have checked Bill's schedule.

National Line Dancing Competition to be held in Durban, KZN. September 2002.


 under the african sky 


Well the weekend finally came and what a time we all had. 

We flew the +/- 1200 Kms from Johannesburg to Cape Town, some of us in the early hours of Friday, 25th May and some later in the day, but we were all met with pouring rain and windy weather. This, however, did not dampen our spirits as we were all excited and looking forward to this, the first line dancing festival in South Africa which had been arranged by Carol-Anne from the Crazy Horse Saloon Line Dancing School. 

None of us knew what to expect or, in fact, what would be expected of us, but we soon met lots of other people from the other schools in South Africa and discovered what a friendly bunch most of them were, only too pleased to finally meet the other people from South Africa who loved line dancing. 

One of the first people we met on arrival at the hall was, believe it or not, Rob Fowler who this year was a triple Crystal Boot Award Winner at the Linedancer Magazine Awards in England. It was very easy to understand how he won the linedancing personality of year award, as I am sure everyone who met him will agree. Rob was more than willing to chat to anyone who wanted discuss anything from line dancing to rugby (but then again he is from Wigan and enjoys a beer or two but I'm not so sure about those pies he talked about). He posed for innumerable photographs (always smiling) and signed his autograph on various papers, books or copies of his latest CD "The Devil in Disguise".  

On the Friday evening, following registration, there was some social dancing and then Rob taught some of the dances from his latest CD and I must admit my particular favourite was "Deeply Completely". He made learning the dances fun and was very patient, every now and again adding his little comments asking if so far we were 'ISH' or as one bright spark put it 'Rob-ish' and letting us know when we were 'COOL'. 

The competition began on Saturday morning at about 10.30 a.m. and went on throughout the day until 7.00 p.m. The competition was judged by Stella and Rick Wilden who are qualified international line dance judges. 

Quite a few dancers had the comment "use Cuban hips" and Nancy and I asked Stella and Rick Wilden what they actually meant by this. They were a very friendly couple and were only too pleased to not only explain but show what they meant (Stella is also a well known teacher and choreographer in England). It seems that you must move your hips more than your feet; your feet movement being more of a transfer of weight than an actual step, when doing such dances choreographed to Latin American music. They also stated that it is now considered very old fashioned to dance with your hands hooked into your belt all the time and you are expected to use more arm and head movements. 


We would like to publish a confirmed list of all the dancers who won and Nancy has e-mailed Carol-Anne to this effect and hope to be able to add this to the web site soon. 

I am sure you will all agree that it would be nice to know which school the various dancers and schools who won were actually from, as the shouting out of a number and a person's name did not really mean anything to most people.  




and June Kerwin was placed 2nd in the Traditional Section for MAD FOR IT. 

The day was finished off with the Under the African Sky Ball and for a mere R40.00 there was a two piece band playing, a demonstration by two young ballroom dancers and a demonstration by the one and only Rob Fowler as well of course as the general dancing.  

If you have any comments you would like to make with regards to the above event please e-mail me at :


IT WAS A REAL BALL to meet so many nice people who we hope to see again soon in the near future. 

Happy Dancing

Val and Nancy



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