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06/07/1947 to 27/08/2005

After a very short and tragic illness, Moppie, as she was known by all her friends passed away at her home surrounded by family and friends.


As anyone who knew her, Moppie was involved in selling Avon cosmetics, jewelry and specialized books - but her one main love was linedancing.

The following is an epitaph which was delivered by Pete Visser on behalf of the Mavericks and all the other linedancers who knew her:

 The only brief I was given for this tribute today was to -

  "BE brief "- VERY brief!

But as I am sure you will all agree, it’s very difficult to be brief when speaking about Moppie. Anyway here goes -

  We all have our special personal memories of Moppie , but I think the ones that are common to us all - are, of a lady who was dedicated in everything she did, very strong willed, determined, hard working, amusing - and a great story teller. I remember vividly - her driving us in her beloved Toyota Venture and keeping us amused with her stories of her younger days.  Stories, which were liberally dramatized & punctuated with superlatives and expletives; OUTstanding, FANtastic, SENsational - and many others! 

She was a single mother, who raised 2 lovely children, Mason & Roxanne. She did a fine job. Mason and Roxanne you are both a credit to your Mother.

 Moppie loved Line dancing - so much so - that she told us, it was as if she had been made to dance and Line Dancing was made for her. She started her career with the Westerns and later joined the Mavericks. Moppie was a very accomplished member of the Mavericks Squad, she was in the squad on three occasions when they won the S A National championships. In Bloemfontein she won her division of the individual championships. I am sure that she has already been asked to join the heavenly squad. I can just hear her saying to them as she would have said to us; “No, come on we have got to do that again, - our hands are all over the place - some have them in their belts, some are pointing one finger - others with 2, and the lines aren’t straight guys. You have just GOT to keep your lines straight and your hands synchronized - and you better get it right before the rest of the Mavericks get here or they will think I haven’t been doing my job properly. “

One of God’s many gifts to us is that of memory, and that is the way Moppie will live on with us all - in happy memories.

We love and miss you Moppie, and until we meet again -  Fly Like a Bird, and they all shouted  - YeeHa 

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