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17th January 2009

Hi All

Well 2009 has certainly started off by being hectic. Starting a new and very exciting organization is always a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. The feedback we have received from you guys has been fantastic and this is really that we have made the right decision.

During 2009, as well as competitions, we would like to have social events where we can get to see each other and chat and have fun. We will also be launching a website soon as well as regular newsletters. We would like to be to include lists of clubs and their exact locations so that anyone travelling around the country can still go to aclass and enjoy themselves. In order to do this, we need contact names and numbers and addresses of venues. I know some did send in this information last year, we have that info, however, if you could re-send it to our e-mail address linedancesa@mweb.co.za or fax it to 086 5300 540 we can include it on the website or newsletter.

The SA Masters event (8th - 10th May 2009) is fast approaching, and although there are plans to have some smaller practice” competitions in some of the provinces, this will be our first BIG event for 2009. We should also point out that we will be following the Masters-In-Line competition calendar, which in effect means that the dances will be changed after the World Masters on 17th August 2009. The Gauteng competition in September will be the first competition using the new 2009/2010 dances. Having said that, we intend to have Nicola out here for the SA

Masters in May and we intend having dance workshops on the Sunday where some of the new dances will already start being taught. (Competition packs are available at R100.00 + P&P - please phone Nadia or e-mail us to order)

The membership forms for 2009 are attached. LDSA Membership Application.pdf Our membership year runs from January to December of any said year.

The Classic dances which you have been asking for, these will be released soon. SA Masters will include these dances in a division on their own. Music and step sheets will be available soon. Please note that World Masters does NOT have a Classic section, nor does it have an absolute beginner section at this stage. Anyone planning to go over to Blackpool in August, MUST dance at the SA Masters in the International Style sections Newcomer to Advanced.

We look forward to a great year with open communication between all of us. We are hoping to work with all the other associations involved in Line dance.

Chat to you again soon

Simon, Nadia, Lesley & Khalida

Founder members: Nadia Coen 0824960007; Lesley Klewinghaus 0829012779; Khalida & Simon Speck 0846194220



P.O.Box 178

Rothdene ,1964

Email: linedancesa@mweb.co.za

Fax No.: 086 5300 540

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Line Dance South Africa (LDSA)
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